I am on a trip.
My vehicle to the next place is making artworks.

Ever-changing realities converge and interweave into a land.
I am trembling to confront the fluidity of the land, of our unstable perceptions of reality. Myriads of realities (perceptions/interpretations of reality) happen in one moment, and every one of them morphs into next reality.

Making artworks to me is a tool for traveling through the land, an approach to answers.
I shake the threads bearing in the land for questions, little standing grounds on the ever-changing land, stations of my trip.
Then during the process of incubating a work, I drift from one place to another, finding next stations, answers to the question, questions for questions.
Usually, I saw more questions than answers. I'll take another part of the trip from there.

A good trip is the right approach in the right place at the right time. A crossing place. A place the realities come across with each other.
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