City Walk I is a performative or meditating score, a walking guide for realizing the invisible barriers - traffic lights. City Walk II is a sound project based on the walk experience. Hours and hours walking allowed me view the city and listen to various kinds of city noises differently.
City Walk i

Choose a spot with traffic lights to start.
Keep walking.
Take a turn if the path is blocked.
Take a turn if traffic signals are red (or even flickering).
Take a U-turn if all the paths are blocked or traffic signals are red.
To explore the realm of reality, walking is one of the best methods. We people believe in the status of walking as the most basic way to move in space. Our bodies usually get first-hand information during walking. What we see, touch, smell, feel are very direct experiences. Thus, when we bump into something with our own body, we can confirm the object that made us stop is real — it exists. 

Moreover, walking expands people’s mind, from the perspective of receiving and responding with information. The action of keeping walking sustains the relationship between our real-time perceptions and our movements, which stimulates ourselves to constant refresh minds. On the contrary, keeping still in a stable space will allow us to gain the experience of detaching from reality. I feel unreal from time to time, especially after staying at a white room without window for more than 12 hours. I will not even believe the time shows on my phone and laptop. My sense of space and time starts deformed and warbling. This is because of the interaction with space and time are unidentified. I lost necessary references and information for identifying reality.

Partly because of this reason, walking body helps us to enhance our comprehension towards abstract concepts or indirect experiences. Jean-Jacques Rousseau employed the walking as a tool for operating mind, as his words put in his Confessions, “I can only meditate when I am walking. When I stop, I cease to think; my mind only works with my legs.”
City Walk II - Soundtrack
The soundtrack is edited from the "noises" recordings during City Walk I. I began to enjoy the traffic noises, discern various electric humming from all kinds of building, and notice the underground water system by the sounds from sewers and manholes.
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