Randomness & Mind Games
A collaborative VR project by Xinyi Zhu (MFA candidate, Film, Video, New Media and Animation, SAIC) and Kieran Murphy (Ph.D. candidate, Physics, UChicago), supported by the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative Program in UChicago.
Our brains are great at recognizing patterns and trends, but sometimes we just can’t make sense of what we see. Whether complex inner workings or pure randomness are behind it, this unpredictability can arouse a variety of responses in us, from detached boredom to maddening frustration to wonderful intrigue. Xinyi Zhu and Kieran Murphy intend to create an immersive and interactive environment which initially evokes a question—what is the effect of randomness and unpredictability on our perception?—and then strives to answer it. Through virtual reality experiences, this project aims to shed light on how humans deal with the unknown.
The project contains multiple minor settings representing various kind of randomness. The arrangement of the settings is from minimal controls to free controls.
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